Transforming “The Danger” Stage Play with the Help of the West End Community

West End residents are invited to workshop a stage play with playwright Stacey Rose from July 9 – 14


The Danger: A Homage to Strange Fruit  is a described by playwright Stacey Rose as a “sprawling piece of theater.” The piece is Rose’s thesis play from her time at New York University. It examines the legacy of white supremacist patriarchy and violence against black bodies through the eyes of ghosts lost in a dilapidated railroad waiting room set in no particular time period, and trying to find their way out.

The Danger will be debuted in Brooklyn, NY in the fall, but readings of the play are happening in Charlotte from July 8 – 14 in the West End at Arbor Glen Recreation Center (1520 Clanton Rd.). Community members are invited to sit-in on readings July 9-12 from 5pm-8pm. On Friday, July 13 the reading will be from 5:30pm-7:30pm. Saturday, July 14 will be a reading and community discussion that will run from 2pm-5pm.

During these readings Rose will tweak her play-in-progress using feedback from local community members, artistic peers and experts. On Saturday the discussion will focus on a dialogue about violence against black bodies.

“My hope is to have it in the West Charlotte community, and bring in people who often do not interact with that community,” Rose says. “I think people have to be in the same space. They can’t view each other through newspapers. They have to be in the same space experiencing something together.” With the help of this diverse group of Charlotte artists and community members, Rose will learn how the piece works on stage before she debuts it in New York.

Rose was very deliberate in applying for the Arts and Science Council grant to workshop her play in Charlotte. “I want something like this to happen in Charlotte because I rarely see it happen here,” she says.

Now it is happening and the play will transform with the help of the community that comes out during the reading session. “I have not been in a room with this play for a long time,” Rose says. “So Charlotte will get to be in a room with me while I am in a room with this play.” She pauses. “No matter where I go,” she says, “my artistic heart always beats strongest in Q.C.”

Be sure to RSVP for your chance to experience and provide feedback about to The Danger: A Homage to Strange Fruit.  Follow the link for more information about the play and workshop RSVP details >>

**Content pulled from Creative Loafing article: Stacey Rose blooms: A Playwright’s Journey: From Charlotte to Spike Lee’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It’  by Kia O. Moore