Brewington Farm: A Rosa Parks Farmers Market Vendor Highlight

Brewington Farms was one of the first vendors of the Rosa Parks Farmers Market. Five Points Historic West End caught up with owner Paul Brewington, 67, to learn more about why he is passionate about farming and vending at the Rosa Parks Farmers Market.

How did you get into farming?

I was born and raised on a farm. The oldest out of ten children. We farmed pretty much all our lives. Farming is something I have done all my life. It is something that I love to do.

Have you always been a full-time farmer?

My profession was in electronics but I just retired two years ago. Now I farm in Mt. Pleasant. I have a little 50 acres there and farm all types of produce. Even when I was on the road working I still farmed. I had a little small garden. Ever since 1989 I farmed acreage. So I continued to keep that up. Now that I am retired I am strictly growing produce.

What type of produce do you sale?

I sale tomatoes, squash, okra, cucumbers, collards, kale. Everything is seasonal. I have grapes, pears, and peaches as well.

Why do you sale produce at Rosa Parks Farmers Market?

Being a black farmer, with the emphasis they had on their objective of trying to get healthy food to the black community, I decided to bring my product to their market and sale it. Plus, selling at a Farmers Market is not all about money. Of course when you do all this hard work your expect to get something out of it, but for me I just enjoy it. I just like meeting people one-on-one.

What is next for Brewington Farms?

I am getting into hemp. I am also developing greenhouses so I can grow year round starting this year.