Neighborhood initiatives and special events bring people together. They build community, animate the city, and often generate economic activity. They are also fun. Unique events and social gatherings are part of what makes an urban neighborhood a great place to live.

The purpose of this small neighborhood grants program is to help support neighborhood initiatives and unique community events in neighborhoods located in the focus area of the Historic West End Initiative (Wesley Heights,
Biddleville-Smallwood, and Seversville.


Priority will be granted to initiatives and events that:

  • Are new, or are a significant expansion of an existing initiative,
  • Bring together residents and neighbors to build community,
  • Take advantage of the unique location and characteristics of the neighborhood, (something different, that
  • could only happen in Historic West End!),
  • Are family-friendly, or attract daytime and early evening crowds, and/or
  • Bring together multiple neighbors and neighborhoods identified in the focus area for the Historic West End
  • Initiative.

Eligibility & Specific Requirements

Initiatives and events supported by Small Neighborhood Grants Program MUST:

  • Take place in Wesley Heights, Biddleville-Smallwood, and Seversville neighborhoods
  • Be organized by the neighborhood association, or a group of residents in the focus area neighborhoods.
  • Be open to anyone who lives in in the focus area neighborhoods. (Events that are open to any Charlotte resident or visitor are also eligible).
  • Include marketing and outreach to communicate the project to neighbors.
  • Apply to the City for a Special Events Permit if the event is taking place on public property owned by the City or will involve city services. Proof of permit is required.

Grants may range from $20 - $500 to help cover the cost of starting a new initiative or organizing and producing an event.

Larger grants may be available for extraordinary projects, or those that bring together neighbors from multiple neighborhoods (as funds allow).

This is a pilot program, and CCCP may revise the guidelines and eligibility requirements at any time


Your project should include a plan for sharing information and marketing your event or project to neighbors. Center City Partners will assist in sharing information through the tools and outlets we manage, as appropriate.

Responsibility & Accountability

Project coordinators must assume accountability and responsibility for the following:

1. Management of the event.
2. Coordination with all affected property owners.
3. Coordinate with law enforcement to insure the public’s safety.
4. Securing a Special Event Permit from the City of Charlotte (as needed / if using City Property.)
5. Securing event or liability insurance, as appropriate. (CCCP staff can help guide you in assessing what
kind of insurance a special event might require.)

All grants also require completion of the brief Historic West End Initiative Small Neighborhood Grant Report.

To Apply

To apply, complete the Historic West End Initiative Small Neighborhood Grant Application below. Submit your application at least 3 weeks before your anticipated start date. All proposals will be reviewed by CCCP staff.

Once your application is approved, submit receipts for approved expenses for reimbursement from Charlotte Center City Partners. Please allow at least 10 business days (2 weeks) for processing

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