Beatties Ford Road Hardware Serving the West End for 35 years

*Photo from Charlotte Observer


The Beatties Ford Road Hardware store has been a staple in the West End community for over 35 years. They broke ground for the building at 2731 Beatties Ford Road back in 1985. The doors opened to the public in 1986. They have been open ever since under one owner.

Co-owner Orgire McCoy and her husband brought the business to the west side because they saw a need that was not being fulfilled. Mr. McCoy was in the landscaping business before he stepped into the role of hardware store owner. He would often go to hardware stores in Uptown Charlotte and Myers Park to get the tools he needed for his landscaping business. The McCoys came to the conclusion that the West End needed a hardware store. The amount they were spending to get supplies per month brought the idea of starting a hardware store to mind. 

The McCoys knew that a hardware store would be hard work. “With a hardware store you have a million different items or more that you need to stock and take inventory,” explained Orgire McCoy. Many would not want to take the risk, but the McCoys did because they loved their community and knew somebody needed to do it.

That love for the community is precisely why they named the store after the street it was on and not after the owners. The McCoys saw this store as being for the people and knew that it could only last if the people supported it. So the name reflects the community as Beatties Ford Road Hardware.

The reward of being in the West End has been the community support of the business. “The benefit of being on the west side is meeting people and getting to know people,” explained Orgire McCoy. “There are some very loveable people and supportive people on the west side.” For the McCoys the hardware store was created for the people of the west side. In response to that they have gained lifelong customers who have supported the location since its opening. They also continue to gather new customers throughout the years. 

For Beatties Ford Road Hardware it is about serving their customers. They do it with a good attitude, an eagerness to help, and honesty. The goal is to show the customers love and respect when they shop. This is the key that keeps them coming back, said Orgire McCoy. Beatties Ford Road Hardware works to show their customers that they truly appreciate them.

To get a hardware shopping experience where you get honest prices and appreciation for your business come into Beatties Ford Road Hardware from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday or  8am-2pm on Saturday.