Open Streets 704 is coming to the Historic West End on September 30! Four miles of street stretching from Historic West End to South End will be shut down and turned into a park. Bikes and pedestrians will rule the Open Streets route. (Click here to see the route.)

The Historic West End to South End route was chosen by Open Streets for several reasons. Eleanor Shell, Open Streets 704 Director of Development and Community Engagement, provides insight. “We felt like it was a route that represents the diversity in our community. We saw this as a chance to really spotlight the richness of the diversity and culture.” She continued, “It [the route] involves neighborhoods with strong historical ties, as well as neighborhoods that represent the brand newness and forward movement of Charlotte.”

The route will have 100 free activities for individuals and families to enjoy. The activities are themed and grouped along the route as family zone, green/environmental zone, wellness zone, and the art zone. Beyond the activities, people will have the chance to discover new businesses, learn a little history about Charlotte, and explore new ways to get around the city.

Over 30,000 people have come out to past Open Street 704 routes. “It’s the largest free event in the city of Charlotte. You have 30,000 residents of Mecklenburg County enjoying all that Charlotte has to offer,” said Shell. The people that come out to the four mile pop-up park truly spotlight the diversity of Charlotte. Shell explained, “[The route] is a place where everyone is enjoying it on a equal level. When you go into a park if you are doctor, or a garbage man, or a teacher, or a homeless person you are all able to enjoy it equally.” She continued, “It doesn’t matter what you are outside the park. So it is an opportunity for Charlotteans to come together and enjoy some of the things our city has to offer as equals.”

Be sure to come out to Open Streets 704 on September 30 from 1pm-5pm. More information on the website