Outdoor Fun In Historic West End

Four outdoor Park & Rec spots to enjoy in West End

The weather outside is starting to have a little more springtime warmth. For those that live in the Historic West End there are plenty of open spaces to have outdoor fun. Backyard activities are always an option, but the Historic West End has several public recreational outdoor spaces with great amenities. In this article we highlight four great outdoor spots ran by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Park & Recreation Department located in the Historic West End.

Biddleville Park

500 Andrill Terrace
A Park for the Recreational Sports Lover

Biddleville Park provides 3.2 acres primed for the recreational sports lover.

Softball/Kickball: If you love to hear the sound of a bat cracking a softball clear across the field, then round up some friends, family and neighbors for a sandlot-style game that will bring out the kid in you. However, if softball isn’t your sport, a good ol’ game of kickball would be just the ticket. Whichever game you choose, this park has a softball field just asking for someone to get a game going.

Half-court Basketball: Down the way from the softball field is a basketball court, a half-court to be exact. A pick-up game with a few friends, a game of HORSE, or some shoot around time would make for a great outdoor activity to bond with friends while finding your inner Stephen Curry.

Running: If you need some solo sports activity time, head to the Johnson C. Smith University track and field. It is right across from Biddleville Park. You can run a lap around the track with a picturesque view of the Uptown Charlotte skyline. The track opens to the public for casual and competitive use from 8am until dusk. Lanes 1 and 2 are dedicated daily public use. When JCSU is not holding classes or track practice the remaining lanes are also open to the public. When there is a special event going on at the track, all lanes are closed.

Five Points Park

200 French Street
A Park for those Family-friendly Events

The 9 acres at Five Points Park makes for a great outdoor space to host small to medium size family-friendly gathers like a family get-together, church event, or company picnic. Five Points Park has a design that allows each family member to have their own space while still being connected.

A picnic shelter with a grill stationed between two playground areas allows parents with young children to keep an eye on their little ones while enjoying a plate of food and conversation with other adults. Five Points Park provides a full-court basketball area and two tennis courts away from the shelter. A family event planned in this park would allow teens to feel like they had an area just for them during a family-friendly event. Plus, with another playground right beside the basketball court, parents can send all their children down the way. The older siblings can keep an eye on their little sister/brother and hangout on the courts with their peers.

In addition to the picnic shelter and recreational area, there are walking trails throughout the park. After eating a plate at the event attendees can walk it off! Or, if someone needs a quick get away from the crowd at the gathering, the walking trails could provide an escape for a moment of solitude.

Seversville Park

530 Bruns Ave.
A Park Great for Cookouts

Seversville Park is an 11 acre area that includes a picnic shelter with a grill and several other grill sites. Multiple cookouts can happen in this space on the same day! Although there is one picnic shelter, it does not mean you cannot bring your own cover tents, folding tables and pop-up chairs. There is plenty of green space near the grill sites to create temporary picnic shelters for the cookout.

As the food is prepared there are several options to keep cookout guest entertained. Seversville Park has two playground areas, an open athletic field, and an old softball field. Kids can work up an appetite thanks to the colorful play equipment while teens and adults can do the same running along the trails or playing a game of softball, football, or soccer on the fields.

However, if cookout guest are not up for sports activities with all the green space in the park, why not turn up the music and turn the grassy areas into a dancefloor. It cannot be called a cookout unless a line dance session occurs. The Wooble, Cupid Shuffle, or Electric Slide have to happen at least once during the day to make it a certified cookout experience!

Martin Luther King Park

2600 Ravencroft Drive
A Park for those Big Community Gathering

Martin Luther King Park is 29 acres of land poised for hosting large outdoor gatherings like family reunions or large-scale community barbecues (e.g. Memorial Day or Independence Day BBQs). For those larger gatherings that take place in the Historic West End, MLK Park has the acreage and picnic shelters to handle the crowd.

  • Need several large spaces to plan outdoor activities?
  • Need a play area for the kids?
  • Need multiple areas to serve food to the crowd?
  • Looking for an outdoor space with plenty of shade?
  • Want to make sure you have access to a large parking area for attendees?

MLK Park can address many of those concerns that come with planning a large outdoor gathering for the community.

Activities: With two large athletic fields you have plenty of space to work with to keep people entertained. One athletic field could host many Field Day-style activities at the same time. Think sack races, wheelbarrow races, egg relay races, water balloon fights, inflatable game, silent discos and more taking over the field. And don’t forget about having the other field and sports courts. Traditional recreational games like basketball, tennis, football, soccer, and dodgeball can keep attendees engaged too. And, for those youngster that need to run, jump, and climb on things, MLK Park has the playground structures to keep them busy.

Food: With all those planned activities and calories being burnt off, event attendees are bound to get hungry. The tree-filled MLK Park provides two picnic shelters with grills. As people take a break from enjoying the festivities, the two shelter can handle the flow of folks grabbing a plate and taking a seat for a moment of rest and neighborly conversation.

These are just a few places in the Historic West End where you, your family, and your neighbors can get out and have a good time in the sun together. You can keep the fun small and intimate with family and a few friends, or plan outdoor events and invite the entire community.

Form more information about all the Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation outdoor spaces visit the website>> Click Here