A contractor under the supervision of Charlotte Water will be performing a temporary shutdown of the water main in your area.  As part of this, drinking water service to your property may be off for up to six (6) hours.

During the times listed, if your facility has a fire suppression system or irrigation system, the water service to this will also be out of service.  The fire suppression system will need to be placed in Standby Mode during this time.


The planned water outage will impact the following areas:

  • Trade Street (Between W. 5th St. / Rozzelles Ferry Rd. and Montgomery St.)
  • 5th St. (Between W. Trade St. and Flint St.)
  • Montgomery St. (Between W. Trade St. and Flint St.)
  • Flint St. (From Montgomery St. to Dead End)
  • Flint St. (From W. 5th St. to Martin St.)
  • Bruns Ave. (Between W. Trade St. to W. 5th St.)
  • Martin St. (From W. 5th St. to Flint St.)


Monday, August 13th Midnight to 6:00 AM     

* If this work requires re-scheduling due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, we have scheduled makeup dates of Tuesday, August 14th  at the hours noted above.

Once service is restored, you may briefly experience cloudy or discolored water.  This is temporary. If you experience cloudy, discolored water after the outage please:

  1. Run cold water from a bath tub or outside spigot for five minutes.
  2. When the water runs clear, run cold water through faucets anywhere.
  3. If water isn’t clear after 15 minutes, call 311 or the below contacts.

Who to Call:

Project Inspector: Gary Bowman, 980-721-0227

Project Manager: Nicole Bartlett, 704-336-1007

Thank you for your patience as we move forward with this important job.