QC Fit brings Fitness and Wellness Facility to the West Side

QC Fit, formerly Crossfit Northlake West, has set up shop in the Historic West End. The fitness and wellness facility has been in the neighborhood since December 2019. They were getting the word out about their offerings, then COVID-19 changed everything. They pivoted to providing online classes and meet ups in the park to sustain while gyms were closed down. Now with gyms being allowed to reopen, QC Fit is rolling out its various fitness and wellness offerings to the West End community and commuters into fitness.

Jason Bright, the owner of QC Fit, decided to bring a facility to the west side because the location just made good business sense. The first facility they opened was in the Northlake area right off of I-77. The strategy was to provide services to commuters who need to drop in and get a workout in before work or before returning home from work. The commuter strategy worked and they wanted to repeat it closer to Uptown Charlotte. The new 2800 Zebulon Ave. location put QC Fit at the intersection of I-85, I-77, and I-277. With proximity to these various highways, commuters looking for easy access to a work out facility would be plentiful. So the West End location was a perfect fit for Bright.

Once they had the location, Bright focused on making QC Fit a one-stop shop for fitness and wellness. A staple of their offerings is crossfit training. Crossfit is a high-intensity fitness program incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise. For those looking for the traditional exercise class, QC Fit offers a program known as Elements. This location is also a place for teens. They have developed a program to help workout athletes with intensive training. Beyond the fitness offerings, QC Fit also provides massage therapy and chiropractic services. They focus on providing healthy food options at this location too. Bright said that they are provided healthy meals as low as a $7 to help people stay on track nutritionally.

Now that the gym is able to provide more services amid COVID-19, they are working to get back on track with building up their membership. Bright explained that this year has been slow, but they are determined to be there for those seeking their services. Bright acknowledges that he sees fitness as an important part of mental health during these trying times. Now that QC Fit is back open they are ready to provide fitness and wellness therapy to all who need it. They are open Monday - Friday 5am-8pm and on Saturday from 9am - 11am. To get the full scope of what they offer visit them online at https://www.crossfitnorthlakewest.com/