Talkin’ Thread Boutique Continues to Serve the West End Community

By Kia O. Moore

The Talkin' Threads Boutique located at 2213 LaSalle Street has been doing business in the West End community since 1996. They have been working on dressmaking and providing services on movie sets for years. Owner Bilqis Shareef has a strong affinity for the neighborhood and comes from a family of a seamstress. “I love the west side. I get joy from serving the community.” 

Shareef chose to set up her business on the west side because it is right around the corner from where she lives. She loves working and living in the West End. Since she is so well known for her craft on this side of town, the community has turned to her during its time of need. She started making masks in response to the novel coronavirus on April 3. At first, she was hesitant to get involved, but the demand from the neighborhood pulled her in. “There was a demand. They called and said, ‘Hey, I need  a mask.’ I have been in the community so long that they would come to me,” explained Shareef. 

With the masks, she is taking great care to make sure they are well made. But, this is not a new occurrence when it comes to the products coming from Talkin’ Threads. She works hard to put her best in every alteration and dress design. “I take my time in whatever I do. I take my time and try to perfect it. I want to give you my best,” said Shareef.

If you need a mask, a dress, or alteration consider bringing your business to the Talkin’ Threads Boutique in West Charlotte. You can always expect to be greeted with a pleasant personality, a big smile, a warm disposition and an appreciation for you walking through the door. Normal operating hours are from Tuesday to Saturday from 9am-5pm. For more information or to get a $5 coronavirus protection mask, give them a call at 704-393-0110.