West Trade/Rozzelles Ferry CNIP Construction Underway

There is a lot of construction work going on in the West End. Construction is currently underway for the Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program (CNIP) on the West Trade/Rozzelles Ferry Project. Construction companies United of Carolinas, Inc. and Sealand Contractors Corporation are working with City inspectors to make sure everything is up to code. Together they are working to minimize the disruptions and inconvenience the construction may cause. Historic West End Initiative connected with CNIP to find out the updates on what construction is underway.

  • Five Points Plaza - The contractor is working with the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and Duke Energy to secure the permits needed for lighting and other amenities. Site clearing and grading is being scheduled while some utility work is taking place. Construction will include a public plaza at the Five Points intersection, landscaping, pedestrian lighting, artwork and signage, amphitheater, water splash pad, swings, tables and chairs, solar lighting brick pavers, sidewalk and a decorative wall.
  • State Street Pedestrian Improvement - Grading work is in progress for the installation of new curb and sidewalk which is being installed along the south side of State Street. Driveway improvements are underway as well. Construction will also include street resurfacing, drainage improvements, traffic-calming features, planting strips with street trees and high-visibility crosswalks at key intersections along State Street.
  • Yellowstone Drive/Zebulon Avenue Street Connectivity - Site clearing and minor roadway grading is complete, as well as most of the utility work. The contractor is currently working on the new bridge. Once it's complete, the contractor will work on installing the new roadway and sidewalks. Construction will also include street resurfacing and pedestrian lighting.
  • I-77/West Trade Street Underpass - Site clearing and excavation work is complete. Conduit work for lighting is being applied. Curb, asphalt work and small medians are being installed along West Trade Street. The contractor is working with Duke Energy and the construction team on the power supply for lighting. Construction will also include wide sidewalks, curb and gutter, wheelchair ramps, artwork and signage, lighting, benches, landscaping and a decorative retaining wall.
  • Rozzelles Ferry Pedscape - Wheelchair ramps are complete on the north end of Rozzelles Ferry Road, with the contractor working to remove and reinstall the new wheelchair ramps on the south side. Construction will also include pedestrian refuge medians, street resurfacing, drainage improvements, landscaping and street trees.
  • Frazier Avenue Realignment - Construction is scheduled to finish in late March 2020. Utility, stormwater and curb & gutter improvements are complete. Once all asphalt has been installed, the new section of Frazier Avenue will be open to the public and the old section will be removed. Landscaping, new sidewalks and planting strips will be installed to complete construction.

Visible changes are coming to the West End due to all the investment that has flowed into the area. CNIP is providing us with the updates to stay on top of the new city-focused construction projects coming to the area. If you have any questions about the CNIP projects please contact Lamar Davis the project manager at fldavis@charlottenc.gov or 704-315-7609.